Guide to Valentine’s Day Beer and Food Pairings

Some people mistakenly think of Valentine’s Day as a “wine holiday,” (we’re using our finger quotes on this one) but we know better. Instead, we think you should impress your Valentine with some excellent beer and food pairings! Chef David Burke and Gianni Cavicchi, the Beer and Wine Expert at Tour de France Restaurant Group NYC, compiled a pairing guide for common aphrodisiac foods and a few of the beers in our Spring Brews Variety Pack.  You know, to help make this Valentine’s Day one to remember…

Oysters: Pair with Cold Snap

The saltiness of the oysters is enhanced by the citrus notes in Cold Snap.  The pairing ends with a light, crisp finish, and the wheat and subtle pepper notes in the beer cleanse your palate.

Grains of Paradise Crusted Steak: Pair with Boston Lager or Irish Red

Beef is a great pairing, if not one of the best pairings for Boston Lager; the brew’s upfront malt flavor matches the caramelized flavors of the meat, and its hoppy finish acts as a  palate cleanser and gets you ready for the next bite. Another pairing option would be a beer with a darker roasted character like Irish Red. The roasted malts will add depth to the taste of the meat while the effervescence will keep the taste refreshing.

Grilled Salmon: Pair with Whitewater IPA

The American and Australian hop varieties in this beer impart bold grapefruit notes and provide a nice contrast to sweeter salmon dishes, while the beer’s crisp wheat malt and subtle addition of apricots and orange peel provide a refreshing complement.

Dark Chocolate: Pair with Boston Lager

We know, this one may come as a bit of a surprise. When pairing chocolate and beer, rich malty flavors are your friend. The malt character and subtle bitterness from the Noble Hops, complements the malt sweetness in the chocolate. The carbonation also tends to lighten heavier chocolates and acts as a palate cleanser.

Arugula Salad: Pair with Cold Snap

Traditionally you don’t want a big, aggressive tasting beer to overpower the light salad ingredients. The crisp wheat and citrus notes of Cold Snap complement these light flavors perfectly.

Want to pick up some Samuel Adams for your Valentine? Check out our Find a Sam page.

  • Pam Reynolds

    Since more folks are going wheat free (not gluten free) could you note which beers contain wheat? Thanks!

  • Phil Hartin

    If a Seasonal Brew is popular will it come back or stay as a regular.
    Because COLD SNAP would get my vote.