Eat, Drink Beer, and Be Married

Brewlywed_JIMThe beer has been brewed. The justice of the peace has been booked. And Jim is working on his best man toast. It’s time for Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale.

Last summer we celebrated the tradition of brewing for weddings with Brewlywed Ale, a Belgian-style “bride ale” available one-day only at our Boston Brewery. And on June 26th, we’re inviting everyone back once again for the chance to get their hands on this year’s batch, available for purchase exclusively on this day at the brewery. We’ve brewed just 300 cases of this 750mL cork-caged specialty beer so if last year is any indication, people will be lining up early for their chance to purchase a bottle or a couple of cases. Read More

Looking Back on Brewlywed at the Brewery

On July 26, 2012, for the first time in our Boston Brewery’s history, Jim Koch was a bridesmaid, a best man and the brewer of Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale, all in one day!

At Samuel Adams, we shared with drinkers what we know to be the centerpiece of a great wedding… beer. We brewed Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale, a limited-release Belgian style pale gold ale, and sold it for one day only. Hundreds of drinkers lined up (some at 5am in the morning!) to get their hands on our specialty brew to say “I do.” Jim toasted to everyone in line noting that Brewlywed Ale is “kind of like marriage – a bit spicy, a bit complex, a little bit unexpected and full of surprises.” Read More

Brewlywed Ale: The Perfect Brew to Say “I do”

We know beer is the centerpiece of a great wedding. In fact, beer has been an essential component of weddings for centuries. The medieval word “ale” is actually rooted in the word “bridal,” which refers to a festive occasion where much ale is drunk in celebration. We hold this tradition near and dear; in fact, Jim brewed the first batch of Samuel Adams Noble Pils for his daughter’s wedding day. 

Mark your calendars for July 26th for your chance to enjoy a specialty brew as you say “I do!” We’re inviting all brides, grooms, couples, recently engaged and recently married (or anyone looking for a unique, beyond-the-registry gift) to line up to get a bottle of Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale, a limited release Belgian-style pale golden ale.  A distinct and complex brew, Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale offers layers of flavor including fruit and honeysuckle notes from the Belgian yeast, sweetness from malt and citrus character from hops. With only 350 cases brewed, this beer will be available for one day only, July 26th, at our Boston brewery. Read More

Where can I find the Marathon Beer – Boston 26.2 Brew?

Hopefully by now you’ve heard that our brewers have been hard at work, training and preparing for the 2012 Boston Marathon.  Although Bob and Dean running up Heartbreak Hill is a great visual, it’s not quite what you think.

We’re the official beer sponsor of this year’s event, one of the most revered and challenging races in the world.  To celebrate the runners and their cheering fans, we announced that we’re brewing a special, commemorative beer – Samuel Adams® Boston 26.2 Brew.

Photo courtesy of Michael Casey

The beer is going to be available at many race-related events, as well as the following pubs and restaurants along the Marathon route and around Boston (see list below, or head over to the Find a Sam page).  Jim Koch rolled up his sleeves today and loaded the first kegs onto the truck today. Read More

A Collective Brew with Inspiration BY You

As brewers, we each have different things that inspire us, but I think the process is the same for most.  Jim even touched on it in a recent interview with NECN.  We think about different aspects of a great beer, we envision what it would taste like, and then we make it happen.

There are a few other things I know to be true.

First, drinking beer is social and brewing beer is social.  Whether I’m at work or out with friends, I’m always talking about the qualities of beer I like best (and the ones I don’t) no matter where I am, what I’m tasting or who I’m with.

Second, everyone’s tastes and beer preferences are different. I like the intense hop flavor in Noble Pils, Jim’s favorite is a perfectly-balanced Boston Lager, others like our strong, smoky scotch ale, Wee Heavy. It’s OK to have a favorite style.  We’ll agree to disagree. Read More