Brewing Our Talent

Greetings from Boston!  I’ve just returned to my desk after checking in on the first day of our Orientation class, which kicked off early this morning.  This group of new hires filling various positions across the country is in for quite a week that jumps into high gear tonight when they sit down with Jim for a tasting of a majority of the beers we’re currently brewing.  It’s always a memorable event!

Our culture plays a huge role in everything we do and it emphasizes quality, growth, respect for others, open-mindedness, and hard work.  Recent hires get a chance to observe this through the orientation course material, the people they meet, and the activities they participate in.  At the end of their week in Boston, not only will they have a better appreciation of our product and the craft beer community as a whole, but they’ll also take away a better understanding of what we stand for. Read More