Sam Adams bottles do all their own stunts

Love when our Sam fans send along these cool videos. New Hampshire-based Bobcat NINJA uses a Bobcat E50 Excavator to (carefully) stack Samuel Adams beer bottles on top of each other. To further showoff their coolness, they top off their 2-bottle tower with a golf ball.

Don’t believe it? You can click in the upper right-hand corner during the video to see a second angle!

Amazingly, from what we read on, this trick was created in one take. We’ll cheers them for that! You can see more of Bobcat NINJA’s tricks on their YouTube page.

A big thank you to Michael T. for sharing this video on the Samuel Adams Facebook page this week.

  • Drmiczak

    I’ve got another trick for my favorite Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat. I’ve got a new cooler that holds six bottles plus a picnic lunch for camping and hiking. Here it is packed and ready to go!

  • Akamarilynmary

    Well, Sam Adams Alpine Spring marketing got to me! I needed a reason to try and continue drinking Sam Adams beer again. Your commercial got me, I bought a case of alpine spring and yes it is flavor full and citrusy, but I cannot get past that bitter ale taste; sorry! Blue Moon it is

    • Samuel Adams

      Our apologies Akamarilynmary, but appreciate you taking the time to try our new brew. Hopefully we’ll be able to create a beer that fits your palate. Cheers!

  • Trusilvers

    I bought a 12 pk of Sam Adams Light and was very disappointed. Tasted exactly like beef broth! I was a die hard Sam fan but no longer! I don’t want a hit or miss beer experience.

  • Girlygirl

    OK, so I get one of those mixed cases and tried Mighty Oak Ale. It is the best ale I have EVER tasted. I tell my husband, “Please go get me a case!!” and THEN he tells me “You can’t buy a case of that…at least not here in GA.” You can’t be serious! PLEASE tell me I can get a case or two of this! I’ve told everyone about it, especially my lady beer drinking friends. I really don’t want to have a dozen mixed cases in the basement just so I can have a few Mighty Oaks, although hubby likes the Alpine Spring…

    • Samuel Adams

      Unfortunately we are only producing Mighty Oak Ale in the Brewers’ Choice variety at this time. There are no plans at this time for expanding production, but we certainly won’t rule it out.

  • Frustrated Monk

    LIQUID BREAD? I have been a fan of Sam Adams varieties, (various) since discovering this wonderful product line while on a family reunion weekend, (with a cousin in law who happened to work for you at the time). I have not looked back since then, although I have gravitated toward my favorites: Winter Lager and Double Bock. About the latter, (my absolute favorite) I was excited when it became designated as part of the “Imperial Series”, (available year ’round) albeit that I was not thrilled when it went from, (roughly) $7.00 a six pack to $11.00 a four pack. As fantastic as this beer is, however, I still found it worth the price. My frustration is that after initially being available year ’round, (as promised) it has been IMPOSSIBLE to get, except by occasional luck in stumbling across a case or so at some obscure store. We have a super store of spirits near our home, but even they are throwing up their hands at the degree to which the Cincinnati distributor hangs up the phone when they ask for it. What’s the deal? Stop holding us hostage and bring on the “liquid bread”, (especially during lent).

    • Samuel Adams

      Thanks for reaching out Frustrated Monk. We recommend having your retailer work directly with one of our local sales reps in your area to help. You can write to us here to help get the ball rolling:

  • Johndb

    Beer Lover for 50 plus years: Was it something I said, (or more likley it was something I didn’t say)! I never sent that e-mail last year about the praise for your Nobel Pils. Now would be the time the local pizza resturant would be tapping that first keg of that woulderful stuff. Six trips to Europe and Germany, all those beer tastings and brewery visits, and only then to discover one of the best most delicate pilsners right here at home. To find out that you had captured that perfect match for one of my best picks; Veltins, one of the fatherlands best! There’s no place like home! So where is it? Sitting here broken hearted, waiting???