The (Kosmic Mother) Funk is Coming

KMF Grand Cru_504x504 LogoWe’re not releasing the Kraken, but it feels that way as we unleash one of our latest projects – the 2014 release of Samuel Adams Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru.

“KMF,” as we fondly refer to this beer, is a unique Belgian ale, brewed and fermented with multiple micro-organisms found in our historic 150-year old Boston Brewery.  The beer is then aged in Hungarian oak tuns in our Barrel Room for over a year.

Now, for the first time, we’re taking KMF on a mini coast-to-coast tour to share with drinkers like you starting this week in our hometown of Boston. Read More

Ales for ALS 2014: Join us for an Open Taps Night!

Ales for ALS_imageWe’re proud to join 69 brewers across 22 states to participate in this year’s edition of Ales for ALS! As part of the program, we brewed a specialty Ales for ALS beer (a hoppy pale ale) brewed with a special blend of hops donated by B.T. Loftus Ranches and Hopunion and designed by Russian River’s Vinnie Cilurzo, Bell’s Brewery’s John Mallet, and Sierra Nevada’s Ken Grossman. (Click here to learn more about this specialty hop blend).

To celebrate the launch of this limited brew, we will be hosting four Open Taps Nights at the Brewery during the month of August!

A $20 admission fee gets you entry into one of the four Open Taps Nights and includes: a full pint of the Ales for ALS brew, four beer samples, and a food truck meal pairing. All proceeds are being donated to the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI).

We will have a different food truck at each event. Here are the dates and who will be at each one:

August 6th –  Trolley Dogs
August 8th –  Teri-Yummy
August 20th - Lilian’s Smokin’ Rack BBQ
August 22nd - Stock Pot Malden

We hope you can join us for one (or more) of these events! Please RSVP here.

Craft Brewer’s Experienceship: A Q&A with Rick Abitol of Brewery Rickoli

Brewery RickoliAs part of our Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program, craft brewers who have received a loan through the program can apply for a Brewing and Business Experienceship. Experienceship brewers receive extended coaching and mentoring from a variety of Samuel Adams experts, a trip to Boston to visit our Boston Brewery – where we brew a collaboration beer – and the chance to join us at beer industry events.

This year’s Experienceship winner was Rick Abitbol, brewmaster of Brewery Rickoli, a craft brewery based in Wheat Ridge, CO that focuses on brewing delicious, gluten-reduced beers. We had the chance to sit and chat with Rick about his passion for brewing and how Brewing the American Dream has helped him pursue his dream of opening his own brewery.

Q: What’s the story behind the name of Brewery Rickoli?

A: It comes from a nickname derived from “Jeff Spicoli,” a character in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, a nickname I earned years ago. My wife bought me custom pub glasses that said “Rickoli Tavern” on them and it really planted the seed – I thought maybe someday I would own my own brewery.

Q: Brewery Rickoli focuses on reducing the amount of gluten in your beer. Why is this important to you and what are the challenges of this approach?

A: The drive for us to brew gluten-removed beers is about changing the stigma that gluten-free equals bad taste. Removing the gluten doesn’t affect the taste of our beers. We can make great beer to accommodate people’s needs and eating/drinking preferences, and not sacrifice quality.

Q: What is Brewery Rickoli’s flagship beer?

A: Totally Eye-P-A. It’s a West Coast style IPA at 6.8% ABV and 165 IBUs – we utilize a lot of hop bursting techniques.

Q: What is your favorite part of owning your own brewery?

A: Brewing is really satisfying – when I can create a beer that people latch on to and it becomes their favorite beer, it makes me feel needed, like a necessary part of society. We’re providing a place in our community that is every bit as valuable as the post office, the grocery store, or the gas station. The community has really embraced us.

Q: How has the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program helped support your brewery?

A: The support from Sam Adams was crucial for us and enabled us to open our doors. We needed the loan from Brewing the American Dream to finish building our cooler, put in our tap system, and to buy kegs.

Q: What have you taken away from your Brewing and Business Experienceship?

A: A new and more positive direction for growth. Our eyes were opened pretty wide – we learned a few things that really needed to be taken care of right away. We were also reassured that what we’re doing is right, but that we just need to focus a little bit better.

Q: Tell us a bit about the collaboration beer you brewed with our brewers back in May.  What was the best part of that experience?

The best part of brewing our collaboration was the actual collaborating. It was exciting to me as a brewer to work with Grant to develop the recipe and then go to Boston to brew the beer. We also will always remember the individual attention we were given by everyone at Sam Adams. We felt pretty special to be at your amazing facility and to get to talk and work with some of the most dedicated and passionate people in the industry!

More on the collaboration beer: Oats McGoats is our take on a gluten-reduced American stout.  We brewed this beer with flaked rye, oat malt and golden naked oats. The result is a full-bodied beer, accented by earthy and spicy flavors, and a hint of roasty and coffee notes.

Here’s where you can find the beer in the Denver area:

Lucky Pie Pizza and Taphouse

World of Beer Belmar

World of Beer Cherry Creek

The Sink Boulder

West End Tap House

Colorado Plus

Parrys Pizza (All 3 Locations)

Right Coast Pizza

Colorado Keg House

Backcountry Pizza & Tap House

Ultimate DIY Grilling Recipe: Summer Ale Smoked Wood Chips

summer grillingMany people love to grill in the summer, myself included. And in my experience, nothing goes better with grilling than beer – as a pairing with food, infused into the dish or in my hand as I grill. You might remember I love grilling with beer so much, I even ventured outdoors this past winter to grill with beer-infused recipes.

This summer, with the help of Kevin Kolman from Weber Grills, I experimented with smoking on the grill, which imparts flavors and aromas that are hard to replicate. I asked Kevin what he thought might happen if we soak wood-chips with Samuel Adams Summer Ale. He didn’t know, so we gave it a shot and discovered that by soaking wood chips with Summer Ale, smoked foods take on a slightly sweet and citrusy note from the lemon as well as a subtle peppery flavor from the Grains of Paradise.

One of my favorite recipes, especially when grilling at a backyard BBQ on Cape Cod, is Summer Ale Grilled Swordfish Steaks with Avocado Butter. Summer Ale-soaked wood chips add beautiful citrus flavors to the swordfish, which are balanced by the subtle char from cooking on a grill. The chips also impart a nice sweetness and light smoky flavor to the swordfish.

Get ready to impress friends and family next time you grill with the secret ingredient: Summer Ale-soaked wood chips!

Summer Ale Grilled Swordfish Steaks with Avocado Butter

Serves 6


  • 4 ounces (1/2 cup) Samuel Adams Summer Ale
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • Grated zest of 1 lemon
  • 6 swordfish steaks (each weighing 8- to 10-ounces)
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 2 tablespoons salted butter
  • 2 teaspoons ground coriander
  • Kosher salt
    • 6 sprigs cilantro


In a mixing bowl, whisk together the Samuel Adams Summer Ale, olive oil, 2 tablespoons of cumin, 2 teaspoons of pepper, garlic, and lemon zest. Lay the swordfish steaks in a shallow glass, ceramic, or rigid plastic dish and pour the marinade over them. Turn the fish to coat, using your fingers or a brush to make sure all steaks are well covered. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour and for no longer than 2 hours.

Peel and pit the avocadoes and put the flesh and butter in a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth. Add the remaining 2 teaspoons of cumin, the coriander, 2 teaspoons of pepper, and season to taste with salt.

Prepare a charcoal or gas grill so that it is medium hot. *Directions for using a gas or charcoal grill as a smoker are below.

Lift the swordfish steaks from the marinade and let any excess drip into the dish. If there is excessive marinade clinging to steaks, scrape it off. Grill the steaks for 3 to 5 minutes on each side or until the fish is opaque but not dry.

Serve each steak topped with about 2 tablespoons of avocado butter, which will melt into the fish. Serve immediately, garnished with cilantro.

DIY Samuel Adams Summer Ale-Soaked Wood Chips:

  • To maximize the flavors and aromas of Samuel Adams Summer Ale, soak the wood chips for at least an hour but no more than 90 minutes. The wood chips can be soaked by placing them in a bowl and covering them entirely with Samuel Adams Summer Ale.
  • After they’re done soaking, remove the chips and drain them of excess beer. The wood chips should be damp, not dripping wet, when they’re placed in the grill to help prolong their ability to smolder, not burn. (We recommend using Weber’s cherry woods chips for this recipe.)

Tips for Smoking on a Charcoal Grill:

  • Light a pile of charcoal briquettes on one side of the cooking grate, and place a large disposable foil pan on the other side.
  • Carefully add about 2 or 3 cups of water to the pan (this helps maintain a low cooking temperature and adds moisture to the food). Allow 30 minutes to one hour for the coals to burn down to the correct temperature and the water to heat up.
  • Next, drop the damp wood chips directly onto the coals, then place your food on top of the cooking grate over the water pan, and cover your grill.
  • Begin cooking the food, and add coals as necessary to maintain heat.

Tips for Smoking on a Gas Grill:

Some gas grills come with a built-in smoker box, which can be filled with woods chips. If your grill doesn’t have a built-in smoker box, here’s what to do:

  • Place the wood chips in a disposable foil pan, cover with aluminum foil, then poke holes in the foil cover to allow smoke to escape.
  • Place the pan directly on the bars over an unlit burner or two, preferably towards the back of the grill.
    • Put the cooking grates in place, turn on the grill, with all the burners on high, and close the lid. When smoke appears, begin cooking your food, adjusting the temperature of the grill as needed.

Samuel Adams Summer Ale Steamed Halibut (or Chicken) in Foil with Prosciutto, Vegetables and Lemon

foil chicken

Looking to mix up your grilling this summer? Chef David Burke came up with a recipe that can be used for chicken or fish. He suggests grilling this one with aluminum foil, which will keep the meat (or fish) juicy and tender. It also allows for you to prepare it ahead of time and makes for easy clean up, so you can spend more of your time enjoying a beer with friends.


4 T olive oil

Zest and juice of 2 lemons

1 fennel bulb, slivered

1 zucchini, cut into ½-inch slices

1 yellow squash, cut into ½ -inch slices

1 large tomato, diced

½ cup blanched green beans, cut into ½-inch lengths

1 bunch fresh basil, finely chopped

¼ pound prosciutto ham, cut into thin strips

4 T bottled white horseradish

6 halibut steaks or fillets (or chicken breasts), about 5-6 ounces each

3 T cracked black peppercorns

Kosher salt to taste

Whole grain mustard

2 cans of Samuel Adams Summer Ale (¼ cup per foil pack)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees, or light an outdoor grill.

Prepare 6 sheets of aluminum foil, each about 16 x 10 inches. Coat each sheet with a small amount of olive oil.

In a bowl, combine zest and juice of lemons, all vegetables, prosciutto, and horseradish, and mix until all ingredients are combined.

Place half of vegetable mixture on aluminum-foil sheets. Top with Halibut steaks (or chicken breasts) and Summer Ale. Season fish (or chicken) with cracked black peppercorn and salt. Cover with remaining vegetable mixture and fold foil over, closing all sides. You now have 6 packages of fish (or chicken) with prosciutto and vegetables.

**Packages can be stored cold for up to 10 hours

Cook by placing the foil packages on a baking sheet in the oven or place foil packages directly on grill. Cook 5 minutes on the first side, then turn and cook an additional 5 minutes, depending on thickness of fish (Note: the chicken will need to cook 6-8 minutes per side, depending on thickness). To test, pierce one package with a knife or skewer. If the knife or skewer comes out warm, the fish (or chicken) is done.

Garnish with chopped basil leaves and mustard.

Want more cooking with Sam recipes? Check out the Food and Beer section of our website.

Boston Lager Smoked Gouda Cheeseburgers: A Recipe from BBQ’d Productions

Lager and burgerCraft beer is one of the most important ingredients you need to celebrate Independence Day this weekend.  And we’re not just talking about drinking beer.  We’re cooking with it too.

While you’re firing up the grills and celebrating July 4th, check out a recipe for a burger topped with smoked Gouda and beer caramelized onions from Brewing the American Dream program participant Kris Schoenberger, owner of BBQ’d Productions:

Beer Cheese Topping:

2 Tablespoons of Salted Butter

2 Tablespoons of Flour

½ Bottle of Sam Adams Boston Lager

4oz Shredded Smoked Gouda Cheese

½ Teaspoon of Mustard

½ Teaspoon of Worcestershire Sauce

Cayenne Pepper to Taste (Depends on how spicy you like)


1. Melt butter in a pan over medium-low heat

2. When it bubbles and foams, add the flour and whisk together to form a paste.

3. Cook, whisking constantly, until the mixture turns from white to light tan.

4. Gradually whisk in the beer and slowly add the cheese, continuing to whisk until you have a thick cheese sauce. Stir in Cayenne.  Remove from heat and set aside until ready to use. You may need to reheat before serving.

Beer Caramelized Onions Topping:

2 Large Onions, Diced

2 Tablespoons Butter

1/2 Bottle of Sam Adams Boston Lager

Black Pepper to taste


1. Melt the butter in a heavy skillet over medium-high heat, then add the onions.

2. Allow them to cook without stirring for 15 minutes, then flip so that the raw onions on the top are now on the bottom.

3. Cook for another 10-15 minutes, then stir in beer, lower the heat and allow to cook slowly for another 15 minutes or until completely soft and deeply caramelized.

Burger Recipe:

2 Pounds of Ground Beef

1 Egg

2 cloves chopped Garlic

4 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce


1.  Dice garlic fine.

2. Add all ingredients, and mix well with ground beef.

3. Form burger patties, and cook on a hot grill to desired cooked preference.

4. Assemble Burger, on a freshly toasted bun, and top with cheese sauce and caramelized onions.

Looking for more cooking with beer recipes? Check out the Food and Beer section of our website.


Beers (and Foods) of Summer

It’s summertime (finally!), so that means it’s time to enjoy beers in the sunshine and invite some friends over to grill. Our Beers of Summer variety pack is a versatile collection of beers that’s sure to have a style to please everyone at your backyard BBQ. Here’s a guide to some of our favorite summer beer and food pairings to accompany your next cookout.

Sam Summer_Lobster

Boston Lager: Our original beer is full-flavored with a balance of malty sweetness, contrasted by hop spiciness and a smooth finish.

This is still our number one favorite for a reason. Its flavor makes it an incredibly versatile pairing with a lot of different foods and styles of cooking. In the summer, it really shines as a complement to barbeque beef brisket. The sweetness and caramel notes of the malt complement and add depth to the roasted, savory taste of the meat while the hops cut through the richness and contrast the tang of barbeque sauce.

Summer Ale: Citrusy with a hint of spice from lemon peel and Grains of Paradise.

In New England, we can’t get enough seafood – especially in the summer. For me, one quintessential pairing I look forward to every year is our Summer Ale and lobster. Lobster’s rich, sweet flavors are nicely balanced by the bright complexities of Summer Ale. The crisp wheat character balances out the buttery meat, while the citrus adds a fresh bite.

Porch Rocker: Tart & refreshing, a golden lager with a fresh squeezed lemon taste.

Beer and food pairings shouldn’t be reserved for only the main course! Porch Rocker makes a great pairing for light summer fare from apps, like a sharp cheddar cheese plate, to salad to desserts. It’s tart citrus lemon character accents and tames the sweetness in a blueberry cobbler and cuts through the creaminess of a cheesecake.

White Lantern: The crisp wheat character of a white ale with a citrus sweetness and hint of peppery spice.

Too hot out to fire up the grill? White Lantern is a perfect match to a Caesar salad. The crisp wheat cuts through the creaminess and tang of the dressing while the coriander complements its pepper. The bright citrus notes accent the dish without overpowering it, creating a refreshingly crisp pairing.

Blueberry Hill Lager: A crisp unfiltered lager that is aged on blueberries for a subtle fruity character.

A natural pairing for this brew is with salads or dessert but its combination of subtle fruit sweetness and hint of citrusy hops creates a great complement to light savory fare like grilled fish. The sweetness of the blueberries creates a counterpoint to the flavor from the grill and while the hop character accents the flavor of the fish.

Belgian Session: A refreshing and spicy Belgian ale with notes of fruit, clove, and hop citrus balanced by a honeyed malt sweetness.

Belgian Session’s light character has a range of delicate flavors that are a perfect complement to a variety of summer dishes. The combination of floral and spice notes and touch of citrus hops complements the herbs and lemon of a roasted chicken for a refreshing yet flavorful pairing.

Cheers to summer!

Looking for some cooking with beer recipes for the summer? Check out the Food and Beer section of our website.

Say “I Do” at the Boston Brewery with Brewlywed Ale

Jim BrewlywedJoin us on Wednesday, June 18th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Boston Brewery as we host our one day release of Brewlywed Ale!  AND get the chance to have Bob Cannon (yes – the guy with the beard) come to your home to brew.  No really, keep reading.

Brides and grooms to be are invited to come down and get their hands on one (or more) of the 200 cases we brewed this year.  The 2014 batch of Brewlywed Ale, a Belgian-style “bride ale,” is a distinct and complex brew with layers of flavor including tropical, floral aromas of Summer and Ella hops, and subtle hints of spice and clove from Belgian yeast. At 8% ABV, Brewlywed Ale is a medium bodied brew, deep golden in color with a slight unfiltered haze.

Brewlywed Ale makes a great wedding brew or gift for someone else.  The beer is beautifully  packaged in decorated 750mL, cork-finished bottles and available for $14.99 per bottle, or purchased by the case of 12 (maximum of 2 cases per purchase).

The first 50 people in line have the opportunity to purchase a bottle signed by Jim Koch. You can get in line starting at 7 a.m. on the day of. The first 20 people to arrive in bridal attire will be moved to the front of the line (guaranteeing one of those bottles!)

Besides the opportunity to purchase Brewlywed Ale, here’s what we’ll have going on at the Brewery the day of the event:

  • Private Brewery tours.
  • An on-site Justice of the Peace will marry you or help you renew your vows… right in our brewery hop garden!  (Note: you have to bring your  marriage license). If you’re interested in getting married on June 18, e-mail us at
  • Sampling of beer-infused wedding fare and pairing suggestions from local small business owners who are members of our Brewing the American Dream program.
  • Brides Across America, a Boston-based non-profit organization which provides free wedding dresses to military brides, will be accepting wedding dress donations. To be eligible for donation, dresses must be new or lightly worn, clean and less than five years old.

RSVP for the event here.

Can’t make it to Boston? Samuel Adams brewer Bob Cannon is going on the road to help one beer-loving couple homebrew their perfect wedding beer. Bob has a history of bridal brewing; he brewed what came to be Samuel Adams Irish Red for his own wedding. This experience will be for sale one-day-only on June 20th for $10,000 and all proceeds will go to Brides Across America. Be the first and only to purchase this once-in a lifetime experience!

We’ve also teamed up with Ted’s Cigars to create limited-edition Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale-seasoned cigars. The cigars, which showcase subtle spice notes and a floral sweetness from being seasoned by Brewlywed Ale, are the perfect wedding or groomsman gift. They will be available exclusively at

Looking for more beer-related wedding tips? Samuel Adams tapped wedding trend and planning website, who confirms that there’s a spike in interest from brides and grooms in serving specialty beer at weddings. has a ton of beer-related inspiration and expert tips that will no doubt help beer lovers integrate this trend into their own weddings!

Join us in Supporting Small Businesses – Raise a Pint, Brew a Dream 2014!

We’re joining craft beer fans across the country this week and celebrating American Craft Beer Week, but there is another celebration that we’re just as passionate about: National Small Business Week!

In 2008, we launched our Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program to help small business owners in food, beverage and craft brewing by providing microloans and the coaching and mentoring they need to jump start and grow their small businesses.

To date the program has:

  • Lent nearly $3 million to more than 325 small business owners through our partnership with Accion, the leading nonprofit provider of microloans
  • Helped to create or retain nearly 2,000 jobs
  • Coached more than 4,000 small business owners from coast to coast

And now, we’re asking for your support!

Throughout the month of May, we’ll donate five cents* for every pint of Samuel Adams Boston Lager draft sold at participating locations to fund micro-loans for passionate, hard-working food and beverage entrepreneurs!

To find participating bars and restaurants near you, click here. You can also share your support of small businesses for a chance to win a Raise a Pint prize pack here.

BBQ'd Productions_Kris_highresWhen you raise a pint of Boston Lager, just know that you’re supporting a Brewing the American Dream small business owner like: Kris Schoenberger, Owner of BBQ’d Productions based out of Chicago, IL.

Q: So how did you become so passionate about BBQ?

A: BBQ means so many things to people. Some people define BBQ as a sauce, as smoking meat, or as anything you cook outside on a grill. For me, BBQ is a combination of experiences – from different regions, cooking styles, and culinary traditions. My passion comes from taking those experiences and seeing how far I can take it by pushing the limits of my own creativity. I’ve barbecued everything from cake to ice cream to spaghetti and meatballs. There’s nothing I won’t try!

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?

A: I was hosting a BBQ at my home and a friend liked the food so much that he asked me to cater his wedding for over 300 people. At the wedding, people came up to me and asked for my business card – the rest is history.  I knew I had a talent but I didn’t really know it was marketable. Once I came to understand that this could be a creative outlet for me, and that I could build a profitable business around it, I knew I had found my calling.

Q: How has the loan you received from Brewing the American Dream help you take the next step with BBQ’d Productions?

A: The loan has actually helped me in a bunch of different ways. I used the loan to buy a second trailer which enabled me to take on more than one event or catering job at a time. This second trailer is wrapped with our brand design and the name of the company, so it gives the business more visibility and the great professional look it deserves.

Working through the process with my loan officer at Accion was great. She helped me think through where I wanted to go with my business and helped me develop my business plan. When I applied for the loan, I really had a vision for how it would help me grow BBQ’d Productions in a smart way.

Q: Have you been able to take advantage of any of the coaching offered through the program?

A:  Yes and in many ways, that has been as important as the loan. I attended a Speed Coaching event recently and had the chance to sit down and talk to Jim Koch. It is amazing how much we have in common around the way we approach our businesses… the creativity, the importance of being independent, and the emphasis we both put on quality and our shared love for making a product that makes people happy. I’ve also received coaching from the Sam Adams team by phone in marketing and in human resources, and I’ve been able to apply a lot of the suggestions the coaches made.

Q: What’s the best part of going to work at BBQ’d Productions every day?

A: Getting up every day, looking out the window and seeing a trailer in my driveway with my name on it. It is so gratifying to be able to say, “I did that.” After four years of running the business, BBQ’d Productions is an actual brand that people associate with good things – not just great BBQ, but also a hardworking guy who gives back to his community.

Celebrate American Craft Beer Week With Us!

American Craft Beer Week is next week, and we’ll be celebrating all week long with some pretty special events at the Boston Brewery! Check out what we have going on and be sure to RSVP to join us in celebrating Craft Beer Week!:

Growler Launch Party

Monday, May 12th 5:00PM – 8:00PM

Celebrate the kick-off of American Craft Beer Week with us at the brewery as we officially launch our long awaited growler program! Now you can pick up the freshest Sam Adams beer to enjoy at home. We will be featuring specialty styles that we brewed just for American Craft Beer Week that will only be available here at the brewery as well as some traditional favorites.

You will be able to sample a few different styles of beers and enjoy pretzels from the Boston Pretzel Company and cupcakes from Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe, two local beneficiaries of our Brewing the American Dream program. If you give a $10 donation to our Brewing the American Dream program, you will receive a free growler!

RSVP here

Nano Brewery Tour

Tuesday, May 13th 5:30PM – 7:30PM

Our nano brewery is essentially a mini brewery (10 gallon system) where our brewers stretch their creativity and innovation. Working on a small scale, we do a lot of experimentation here. This is the first time ever that we have opened up our nano brewery to the public and we’re excited to have our nano brewers Grant McCracken and Eryn Bottens show you around!

RSVP here

Stout Night

Wednesday, May 14th 6:00PM – 7:30PM

One of our brewers Seth Adams will do a guided tasting of a variety of Samuel Adams stout styles, including Samuel Adams Nitro Stout. Attendees will also receive a Samuel Adams Stout glass. We will also have cookies from local Brewing the American Dream beneficiary Delectable Desires.

RSVP here

Summer Styles, BBQ, and Bluegrass Night

Thursday, May 15th 5:00PM – 8:00PM

Join us as we break out our Summer Favorites Brews and pair them with live bluegrass music from the Goodtime String Band and BBQ from Blue Ribbon BBQ!

RSVP here

IPA Open Taps Night

Friday, May 16th 45 Minute timeslots between 3:00PM – 7:00PM

Join us as we pair cheeses from our local Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream small business beneficiary, City Feed, with a variety of our IPAs, including our new Rye IPA, Roggen Wolf. We will also have a coffee IPA that was brewed exclusively for this event available for sale in growlers.

RSVP here

Not in the greater Boston area? We have plenty of tap takeovers happening all over the country to celebrate American Craft Beer Week! Check out our Events page to see if there is an event near you.

Join Us for Samuel Adams Brew & View!

Are you looking forward to the summer weather as much as us? Join us for a night out under the stars with Samuel Adams Brew & View.

We’re excited to be partnering with Food Should Taste Good, Life is Good, and Uber (who will be giving out codes for $20 vouchers for first time riders) to bring Samuel Adams Brew & View to 21 cities across the US.

So, what is Samuel Adams Brew & View? It’s a summer festival that brings together some of our favorite things:

Cold Samuel Adams beer – We’ll have Boston Lager and Summer Ale, and you’ll get to sample some specialty beers that you maybe haven’t had before.

Food trucks – We’re inviting  favorite local food trucks to show off the best local food in select cities.

Lawn games – Who doesn’t love corn hole, giant jenga, and dunk tanks?

Live music – We’ll have some great local cover bands playing live.

And of course, a giant outdoor movie screen – We’ll settle in for the night for an outdoor HD screening of Wedding Crashers.

The event is free to attend, but space is limited, so click on the link below to reserve your spot.  Remember, you must be 21+ to enjoy Sam Adams Brew & View.

So grab your lawn chairs, beach blankets, and friends and meet us at an event near you. For more details and tickets, check out

Brew & View Updated Photo for Blog_6-6-2014


LongShot American Homebrew Contest: Introducing Cesar Marron’s Grätzer

Cesar Maron_DeanIn the last post of the 2013 LongShot series, we catch up with our final winner Cesar Marron who tells us about how a wedding favor changed the course of his life and his current mission of starting a successful nano brewery in his town of Evanston, IL.

Q: How long have you been a homebrewer? How did you get into it?

A: A little over four years now. I went to a wedding and the favor was a homebrewed IPA. I had never heard of homebrewing and was inspired to find out that you could make beer at home.  I  wanted to prove to myself that I could brew a great beer. My wife soon bought me a brew kit and since then there has almost never been a two week period that’s gone by when I don’t brew a beer.

Q: A Grätzer is a very unique style – what inspired you to brew it for your LongShot submission?

A: I was inspired by the history of Grätzers. They have been brewed in Poland for 500 years or so, and there is an active community of homebrewers in Poland who to this day brew with the recipe that originated in the 1800s.

Q: What does it taste like?

A: It’s a wheat beer made with smoked wheat. It’s made with smoked wheat because the process to kiln the malt 150 years ago was always over a fire. The locals used whatever wood sources were available to them and in Poland, it was oak. Oak provides a high heat and clean smoke – it’s a dryer smoked flavor that has a sort of sweet flavor to it as well.

I also used Saaz hops, which provides herbal notes and a spicy flavor.

Q: What was your reaction to being one of the winners of the LongShot competition?

A: I submitted my beer to Sam Adams to get feedback – I didn’t really think the beer would get selected! Not because it isn’t good, but because I was up against top competition and the beer style is really unique.

Q: How do you see this impacting your future brewing plans?

A: It has already!  I started looking into going pro last year – right around the time I had submitted to the LongShot competition. Winning LongShot gave me a boost of confidence to do it, and gave me credibility in the community.

I’m in the process of opening a nano brewery in Evanston, IL called Sketchbook Brewing Company. Right now we are running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to purchase two jacketed stainless steel fermenters. We actually met our $15,000 goal within the first week of the campaign, and have upped our goal to $25,000 to help support our sustainability initiatives.

Q: Do you have any advice for homebrewers who are just starting out?

A: One piece of advice I would give is to not view the purpose of homebrewing as only to win competitions – homebrewing is experimental, it is to help people understand where ingredients come from.

That being said, don’t be afraid to submit your beers to competitions. The feedback that you’ll get from judges can be invaluable. You can get great feedback that will cement what you did right or learn how to improve the style that you’re brewing.

Do you have a homebrew that you’re proud of? Interested in having it made available nationally in next year’s LongShot pack? Submit your homebrew here.

LongShot American Homebrew Contest: Introducing Russ Brunner’s American Stout

Russ Brunner_DeanWe recently released our 2013 LongShot 6-pack and wanted to take the opportunity to share the stories of the homebrewers that brewed the winning beers. Russ Brunner, brewer of this year’s American Stout, tells us how a little friendly competition and a desire to create a stout his wife would enjoy led him to brew a winning beer.

Q: How long have you been a homebrewer? How did you get into it?

A: I’ve been homebrewing for just over three years now. Belgian style beers are actually what got me interested in brewing. I couldn’t believe the flavors that could come from such basic ingredients and I wanted to try it out for myself.

Q: Do you have a particular style that is your go-to homebrew?

A: I don’t have a particular style – I’m all over the board. Right now, I have a few different styles in my kegerator: an IPA, an English Mild, a Robust Porter, and a Belgian quad.

Q: Tell us about your brew, Russ Brunner’s American Stout.

A: Gary Fuller, the president my homebrew club, is always killing it with stouts – I wanted to take an opportunity to see if I could brew as well as him. I initially brewed it for a local competition, where I placed second (Gary placed first).

I also wanted to brew a stout that my wife would enjoy – a stout that was more approachable and that had more chocolate flavors and less astringent flavors. It has enough hops to offset the sweetness, but not enough to make it really bitter.

Q: This was the first recipe you created on your own. What were the most rewarding and the most challenging aspects of creating your own recipe?

A: It was nice to step away and not use any pre-conceived grain bill or hop additions and just try different techniques that I had read about.

I almost never re-brew the same recipe – this beer I brewed one time and one time only. There are a lot of homebrewers who will brew the same recipe over and over and change one tiny variable – I can’t do that. I get tired of drinking the same beer over and over.

Q: You recently had the opportunity to visit us at the Boston Brewery.  What did you take away from that experience?

A: I thought I knew a lot about brewing – but this experience showed me that there’s still more to learn. I do a lot of research, but seeing a larger brewing system made me feel like a newbie again.

I love everything about beer. I love the ingredients, the process, and the people involved, which was reinforced for me at the brewery. I’m hoping to pursue it professionally and be fully involved in brewing within the next 3-5 years.  I know Bob Gordash of Gordash Brewing Co. is a former LongShot winner who has gone on to brew professionally – he’s a great local guy!

Q: Do you have any advice for homebrewers who are just starting out?

A: Educate yourself as much as possible and don’t take someone’s advice at face value.  Put your knowledge into practice and figure out what works best for you.

Q: What’s your favorite Samuel Adams beer?

A: Double Bock – I like the complexity and the malitness, and you get a bit of sweetness from the higher alcohol level.

Are you ready to take your shot at becoming a homebrew legend? Our 2014 LongShot American Homebrew Contest has launched! Learn more.

LongShot American Homebrew Contest: Introducing Teresa’s Pineapple IPA

teresa longshot IPAWe received nearly a thousand entries for our 2013 LongShot American Homebrew Contest, and this month, we’re excited to release the LongShot Variety 6-pack with the winning brews!

Each year, one of the three winning Longshot beers comes from a Samuel Adams employee. We had a chance to chat with this year’s winning Samuel Adams employeee homebrewer, Teresa Bury, to learn more about her Pineapple India Pale Ale.

Q: What do you do at Samuel Adams?

A:  I work on our Brewery Operations team and help make sure the brewery runs smoothly  and to make sure we brew  the right amount of beer so we have enough for all our drinkers!

I left my previous job at the age of 42 to pursue my passion for beer and it has been one my best choices I’ve made! It is very feasible to pursue your passion and to find a job that encompasses that passion.

Q: How long have you been a homebrewer? Do you have a particular style that is your go-to homebrew?

A: I have been homebrewing for about four years. I love to drink beer, but I really wanted to get into the process of making beer to help gain a deeper understanding of the brewing process – how it works, the ingredients, etc.

In terms of favorite beer styles, I’m a hop head and I love IPAs, especially when they’re brewed with west coast hops. For one of my most recent batches, I brewed a coconut IPA.  One of my favorite Samuel Adams IPAs is Latitude 48.

Q: What inspired you to brew a Pineapple IPA?

A: I had just recently started adding fruit into my beers. I don’t like sweet things, but I like tropical flavors and wanted to play off of those flavor characteristics. When a brew comes out the way you meant it to taste, you know you’ve made something that is worth sharing. I was proud of the beer and  knew that I had a great recipe.

The pineapple was a challenging ingredient because of the acidity from the fruit – I couldn’t put it in the boil because it would kill the yeast.  I had to add it in the secondary fermentation. I thought I nailed it on the first and second batches, but definitely had some failed batches in there because of the added challenge of using pineapple.

Q: What does it taste like?

A: It is brewed with four different American hops including Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, and Chinook, which gives it a burst of grapefruit character that’s mellowed and complemented by the tropical fruit notes from the pineapple.

Q: Do you have any advice for homebrewers who are just starting out?

A: I have three tips for people who are just starting out:

1)      Cleanliness is of utmost importance. I have been lucky enough to never have spoiled a batch of beer!

2)      Use quality, fresh, and reliable ingredients.

3)      Be passionate about what you’re brewing. Let your creative side take over and don’t be afraid to screw it up.

Congratulations to Teresa and our other winning brews  – Russ Brunner’s American Stout and Cesar Marron’s Grätzer (we’ll have more with them later). You can find these beers for a limited time in our LongShot Variety 6-Pack!

Do you want to have the opportunity to have your homebrew featured in next year’s LongShot Variety 6-Pack? Learn more here as our 2014 LongShot American Homebrew Contest is under way now through May 24, 2014!

New from the Nano-Brewery: Roggen Wolf

We’re excited for you self-proclaimed “hop-heads” and IPA lovers out there to check out our newest IPA Hopology pack, which features a wide range of IPAs. Each beer in this pack brings something different to the table, and we are trying something new with our most recent addition: Roggen Wolf, a Rye IPA.

A beer is  a “rye” beer when rye is substituted for some portion of the malted barley. It was common to use rye in beers in Germany until the 15th Century when a series of bad crops caused a big shortage of rye. When this happened, rye was only allowed to be used for baking bread. The practice of using rye in beers has since made a resurgence in Germany and in American craft brewing.

We caught up with one of our brewers who works in our nano-brewery, Eryn Bottens, to talk about his first commercially available brew and to find out what it’s like to work in the Samuel Adams nano-brewery.


Q: What is your role as a nano-brewer at Sam Adams?

A: I’m a brewer, and one of my jobs is to help create new beer recipes in the nano-brewery, which is located within our Boston brewery. We do all of our beer development and trial brews here.

The nano-brewery is essentially a mini brewery where we can be creative and innovative. Working on a small scale, we can do a lot of experimentation.

Sometimes we want to try brewing with a unique or special ingredient or try a new process. Recently we did some test brewing with several new varieties of hops. We brewed a series of single hopped beers to see how the different hops change the profile of the beer, what is the sensory effect, and if we might want to use them in an upcoming brew.

Q: What is Roggen Wolf, and what is it like compared to other IPAs we have brewed in the past?

A: Roggen Wolf is the first Rye IPA that we’ve released. The use of rye helped us brew a mellow IPA with a robust spice character. Roggen Wolf is brewed with Galaxy and Ahtanum hops – which are two pretty unique hop varieties. Galaxy hops are from Australia and add really nice citrus, peach and passionfruit notes while the American Ahtanum hops add floral, earthy, citrus and grapefruit notes to the brew. The hop notes are really complemented by the subtle peppery note from the rye in the finish.

Q: What was the process like for developing Roggen Wolf?

A: It took around three months to get from the initial idea to transition into production. The challenging part was figuring out how much rye to include in the malt bill – if you add too much, it can lead to a stuck mash.

I enjoyed working with rye because it imparts a spicy quality that malted barley doesn’t. It is an ingredient that we don’t use in our beers that often – it makes for a unique flavor contribution.

Q: What would you pair Roggen Wolf with?

This beer pairs really nicely with smoked Gouda or charcuterie because the hoppiness off the brew cuts through the richness of the cheese. The combination of hops and the spiciness of the rye also accentuates the flavor of dishes like jerk chicken or pulled pork.

Q: Roggen Wolf was a big project for you – how did it feel the first time you saw the final bottle in the IPA Hopology Pack?

A: I was really excited! The beer came out great and the label is really awesome. I’m looking forward to hearing what people have to say about it outside the brewery. It’s really rewarding to see something I worked hard on come to fruition and be made available to drinkers.

Q: What is your favorite Samuel Adams beer?

A: Black Lager – it’s delicious. It’s a dark lager with a good hop profile that is light, and not super boozy.

Want to try Roggen Wolf? It is available for a limited time in our newly released IPA Hopology Variety Pack.

(Photo provided by Hannah O’Leary, Oregon State University Photographer)