Cheers to Boston: A Message from Jim Koch

We’re excited to congratulate the Red Sox on their World Series win!

As you may have heard, we had a little something on the line with our friends Schlafly Beer in St. Louis.

Here’s what Jim had to say after the big win:

With the Red Sox clinching the World Series, it’s clear we are home to the most dedicated and passionate players and fans. I toast a Sam Adams Boston Lager to all the players and coaches for their hard work this season.

Now, I can also look forward to sharing a beer and BBQ with my good friend, Dan Kopman of Schlafly Beer since he lost his bet on his beloved Cards. We’ve had a lot of fun during the series, but I know we’re happy to get back to what we know best – brewing beer.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll have a chance to wager again next year!


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  • Tony Sammataro

    Congrats to the red Sox but why is it so hard to find some of the beers you create that we develop a taste for? For instance Scotch Ale or Double Bock? Have not seen SA in years, can’t buy DB anymore. I think I am about to look for another brewer that does not pull the rug out from under me just when I get comfortable!