GOT CULTURE? Boston Lager & Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Team Up #FTW

Here at the brewery, we know that beer and cheese is a delicious and easy pairing – for holiday parties at the brewery or as an easy appetizer– and while we know a lot about beer, we wanted to learn more about cheese. So, we invited Kurt Beecher Dammeier from Beecher’s Handmade Cheese to the brewery to talk about (and taste) beers and cheese. What’s better than that?

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is an award-winning cheesemaker based in New York City and Seattle and after spending time together, we learned we actually have a lot in common. Their passion for quality, full-flavored ingredients. coupled with their originality. made us jump at the chance to learn more about their artisanal cheese and to create interesting recipes for craft beer and cheese lovers alike.

Jennifer & Kurt Tasting Cheese

One of the creations we are really excited to share is Beecher’s Samuel Adams Boston Lager-soaked cheese. Kurt came to the brewery armed with his Beecher’s Dutch Hollow Dulcet cheese which had been immersed in Samuel Adams Boston Lager and other ingredients for three days.  As soon as we took the first bite we knew we had something special.  We were delighted by how Boston Lager’s Noble hops with their piney, citrus and herbal notes added complexity to a rich cheese like Dulcet, a double-cream cheese with clean, lightly tangy and creamy character. This easy to do recipe is perfect for holiday entertaining,  and is a great way to impress your craft beer and cheese-loving friend or family member. We also created a few other recipes below that we are excited to share.

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When Beer (Labels) Meets Arts & Crafts

Over the years we have seen some pretty cool images from Sam fans that demonstrates their love of beer in a variety of ways. 

Who Loves OctoberFest? This guy.

Trick or Treat... or just plain awesome?







How many of these styles have you had?








On Wednesday we clicked over to our Facebook page to find this utterly AMAZING piece of artwork done by Sam fan Sean Carney:

Look closely. You'll see this portrait was created with different Sam Adams labels!

Sean included a few “in the works” pictures which you can find further down. Sean says he soaked the bottles to help peel the labels off, divided them into different color piles and began constructing. He even points out that the cardboard used for the barrels were from our 6-pack carriers! Talk about being thorough in your craft!

Needless to say, Jim was blown away by the final product and surprised to see that so many beer bottle labels could make him look so good. To show his thanks, Jim shot this short video:


Have a picture that demonstrates your love of beer? Never hesitate to post to our Facebook page or tweet us a photo… we love seeing them!



More pictures from Sean:

A sketch and many labels.









Early in the progress.







Starting to come together.

Sam Adams bottles do all their own stunts

Love when our Sam fans send along these cool videos. New Hampshire-based Bobcat NINJA uses a Bobcat E50 Excavator to (carefully) stack Samuel Adams beer bottles on top of each other. To further showoff their coolness, they top off their 2-bottle tower with a golf ball.

Don’t believe it? You can click in the upper right-hand corner during the video to see a second angle!

Amazingly, from what we read on, this trick was created in one take. We’ll cheers them for that! You can see more of Bobcat NINJA’s tricks on their YouTube page.

A big thank you to Michael T. for sharing this video on the Samuel Adams Facebook page this week.