Eat, Drink Beer, and Be Married

Brewlywed_JIMThe beer has been brewed. The justice of the peace has been booked. And Jim is working on his best man toast. It’s time for Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale.

Last summer we celebrated the tradition of brewing for weddings with Brewlywed Ale, a Belgian-style “bride ale” available one-day only at our Boston Brewery. And on June 26th, we’re inviting everyone back once again for the chance to get their hands on this year’s batch, available for purchase exclusively on this day at the brewery. We’ve brewed just 300 cases of this 750mL cork-caged specialty beer so if last year is any indication, people will be lining up early for their chance to purchase a bottle or a couple of cases. Read More

Looking Back on Brewlywed at the Brewery

On July 26, 2012, for the first time in our Boston Brewery’s history, Jim Koch was a bridesmaid, a best man and the brewer of Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale, all in one day!

At Samuel Adams, we shared with drinkers what we know to be the centerpiece of a great wedding… beer. We brewed Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale, a limited-release Belgian style pale gold ale, and sold it for one day only. Hundreds of drinkers lined up (some at 5am in the morning!) to get their hands on our specialty brew to say “I do.” Jim toasted to everyone in line noting that Brewlywed Ale is “kind of like marriage – a bit spicy, a bit complex, a little bit unexpected and full of surprises.”

James and Karen tie the knot at the Boston Brewery as Jim looks on as the official witness!

Not only were we surprised by the crowd that lined up for Brewlywed Ale, but we were enlivened by the three couples who exchanged vows with a Justice of the Peace, Henri Gough, in our hop garden surrounded by fellow beer lovers. The first couple ever married at our Boston brewery, James Lanctot of Martha’s Vineyard and Karen Smith of Woonsocket, RI, heard of the event from our last newsletter and decided they would take the plunge! James thought what many men might, “What guy wouldn’t want to get married at brewery?” The other couples, Marcus Rozbitzy and Courtney Ayers, along with Jeremiah Atwood and Liz Neiderman, also exchanged vows with Jim by their side.

In addition to the brides, grooms, newly engaged and those looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, The was on-hand to share their expert wedding knowledge with the crowd.  Local favorites, Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe showcased cupcake wedding cake and City Feed & Supply sampled a delicious triple goat cheese that paired perfectly with our Brewlywed Ale.  Both businesses are recipients of loans from Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream.

Cheers to everyone that spent our special Brewlywed a the Brewery day with us!

May the glass of the couples who celebrated their marriage with us be forever full!

Brewlywed Ale Day!

The day is here! The one-day special release of Brewlywed Ale! Be sure to check back all day for updates from all the days events!

10:53 a.m. EDT – Are we near the end? Still roughly 40-50 people in-line to get Brewlywed Ale! 







10:01 a.m. EDT – Our second marriage of the day! Can you get a better marriage location then a hop garden at a brewery? 







9:32 a.m. EDT – This great couple felt today would be a great day to get married… and why not have Jim act as their witness! Cheers to many years of happiness! 


9:03 a.m. EDT – The first purchases of Brewlywed Ale! These people were at the brewery around 4:00 a.m. this morning! 







8:54 a.m. EDT – Jim in the hop garden outside of the brewery to toast the hundreds who have lined up to grab a bottle of Brewlywed Ale! Bonus points for those who are now standing out in the rain!







8:38 a.m. EDT – The calm before the storm. A look inside the Brewlywed Ale tasting room!







7:44 a.m. EDT – We’re wrapping around the building with roughly 100-110 people in-line! 







6:53 a.m. EDT – The first Brewlywed Ale folks are lining up! First people in-line were here around 5:00 a.m.! Wow! 

Nothing says "For the love of beer" like getting up before sunset!