Holiday Cookies Baked with Winter Lager!

Winter Lager Pour ShotBaking cookies around the holidays is a Samuel Adams favorite among our brewers. And like all our favorite things, we take to it the only way we know how – by adding beer! While we know a thing or two about brewing, we tapped some real baking professionals for ideas on how to create this year’s batch of Samuel Adams Winter Lager cookies.

We’re excited to collaborate with LuLu’s Sweet Shoppe of Boston and Colonel De Gourmet Herbs and Spices of Cincinnati – both proud participants in our Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program – to create our Winter Lager cookie recipe. While the recipe comes courtesy of Sandy Russo at LuLu’s Sweet Shoppe, Colonel De Gourmet Herbs and Spices provided the spices we needed to add the holiday flavor.

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Sam Fan Recipes featuring Winter Lager

Happy Wednesday! As the temperature continues to drop here in New England, we wanted to pass along a quick and easy recipe that may hit the spot for the cooling temperature. From the kitchen of Sam Adams drinker John C. in Winchester, MA, here is a great tomato soup recipe that incorporates our winter seasonal, Samuel Adams® Winter Lager. You can find Winter Lager currently in the Winter Classics variety pack and standalone 6-pack, 12-pack and case.

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Cook with Our Fall Seasonal Favorite

Here in New England the weather is getting cooler, baseball season is winding down (unfortunately) and football (my personal favorite) is in full-swing. While I love spending the summer clam baking and winters on the ski slopes, the fall season to me is a great time to relax and really dive into a variety of cooking projects. Whether baking beer bread with Harvest Pumpkin Ale or playing around with different chili recipes, the fall just feels like a great time to get together with friends and family and cook a variety of comfort foods.

Pulled pork sandwich, side of cole slaw and an OctoberFest… I’m ready for some football!

This past weekend I had a craving to slow cook some pulled pork and given that OctoberFest is our current seasonal brew, the timing was perfect. I like to host friends every Sunday for football viewing and pulled pork is just one of those dishes that everyone loves (and the leftovers don’t hurt either). What drew me to this dish, besides the great aromas that fill my home, is the savory tastes that the BBQ sauce and beer add to the meat. Another advantage of pulled pork? You can serve pulled pork in a variety of ways… tacos, sandwiches (with some cole slaw like I did) or standalone with other side dish favorites. Read More

Sam Fan Recipes featuring Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Happy Friday (and National Drink Beer Day)! As we head into the weekend (looks to be a rainy one here in Boston) we wanted to pass along a baking recipe that may hit the spot for the cooling temperature. From the kitchen of Sam Adams drinker Steve C. of Gahanna, Ohio, here is a great pumpkin spice beer bread that features our Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale, which is currently available in the Harvest Collection variety pack and standalone 6-pack. Read More

Fall Tailgating with Our Boston Lager Cut

Grilling is undoubtedly one of the greatest culinary triumphs of summer, so why let the BBQ fade away when the cooler weather rolls in?  As we’re easing into fall (and FOOTBALL!), consider the other great grilling season, fall tailgating, with the Boston Lager Cut packages that our friends from Robinson’s Prime Reserve have put together.

Beer and meat… does it get any better?

Developed by artisanal meat purveyor Jake Dickson of Dickson’s Farmstand Meatsin NYC, the Boston Lager cut is designed to be the ideal beef counterpart to our flagship Boston Lager.  The brew’s upfront malt flavor matches the caramelized flavors of the meat, and its hoppy finish prepares the palate for the next bite.  The beef and beer intersect with great caramel notes and sweetness, while the elegant hoppiness of our Boston Lager finishes the rich, meaty flavor of the cut.
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Sam Fan Recipes featuring Boston Lager & Tasman Red

Each week we receive a wide variety of awesome recipes from Sam fans that incorporate beer. As Jennifer has discussed before, cooking with beer can offer so many more complex flavors that can really make your dish standout (especially if you’re a beer lover). We recently came across a few side dishes featuring our flagship Boston Lager and Tasman Red from Sam Adams fan Dan Manca that we wanted to share for a variety reasons: they are quick and easy to prepare and they sound AWESOME! Take a look at the recipes below! Read More

Taco Tuesday featuring Dark Depths!

Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesday? Whether you’re going out to your favorite bar or restaurant or staying in and creating your own, Tuesday has become the universal “I need to eat a taco today” day. To join in the fun Pennypackers, a local food truck here in Boston, and our brewery have joined together to create a taco using one of our beers. To spice it up, Pennypackers does not get to choose the beer they will be cooking with each month… it’s whatever we decide! Their creation will be served on the first Tuesday of month (which would be today!)

Tuesday has never looked so good.

This month we gave the guys Dark Depths, our Baltic IPA which was a part of our small batch collection as well as our Hop-ology variety pack. Can’t make it to Boston to enjoy? To help you enjoy the final creation, we have posted the recipe and cooking instructions below for you to experiment at home! Read More

If Ever There Was a Day to Enjoy a Lobster Roll and a Pint of Summer Ale!

Happy National Lobster Day! National Lobster Day? We know… there seems to be a celebratory day for everything. But who are we to complain? National Lobster Day gives us an excuse to eat lobster and crack open a Summer Ale, which basically becomes a religious obligation here in the Northeast during the summer months.

To help celebrate the day, we tapped into the creative culinary mind of our chef partner David Burke (you may remember his talents from our Father’s Day breakfast recipes post) to help create a signature dish. As any good craftsman does, Chef Burke studied the rich flavors of a lobster and the complimenting flavors of our Summer Ale (tough job, we know) to create a dish worthy of any seafood and craft beer lover. The final product: Samuel Adams Summer Ale-infused lobster roll! Take a look at the recipe below!  Read More

For Father’s Day: Breakfast (and a Beer) in Bed!

If your dad is like ours, we are willing to guess he enjoys a good breakfast to get his day started. And if that special guy is anything like ours, he CERTAINLY enjoys a great full-flavored brew to end the day! So with Father’s Day just around the corner, and a trip to the spa out of the question (though the Boston Lager with a massage sounds great), why not give him two of his favorite things before he even gets out of bed: a hot breakfast… and beer!

With the expertise of our  chef partner David Burke, here are a few Sam inspired breakfast items that are simple to prepare and assured to be a hit with father’s across the country.

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How to Brew B’Austin Ale

We unveiled our final Crowd Craft Project brew – B’Austin Ale – at Guy Kawasaki’s Girl + Guy party in Austin, Texas on March 10th. Thanks to everyone who helped create this crowd sourced beer.  The final beer is an amber ale with a slightly hazy appearance, medium body and mouth feel. The beer is rounded out with a spicy hop aroma, notes of toffee and a smooth, yet spicy finish.

Guy and Bert enjoy a B'Austin Ale at SxSW

As this beer was truly created by the people, it should also be for the people so we’re making the recipe available to everyone here.

Samuel Adams B’Austin Ale Homebrew Recipe

Batch Size: 5 gallons
Original Gravity: 1.052 (This is the initial amount of sugar in the wort)
Final Gravity: 1.0137 (This is the amount of sugar left over after fermentation, and is a good indicator of what the body of the brew will be like—B’Austin Ale has a medium body). Read More