Calling all Rebels!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 11.27 editAfter countless test batches in our nanobrewery, we are ready to share Samuel Adams Rebel IPA with drinkers across the country!

What’s a nanobrewery? Think of it as our test kitchen, like where Jim Koch first brewed Boston Lager 30 years ago. Our nano, as we like to call it, is a small brewery system here in Boston where we can experiment and brew with any ingredients or techniques we think sound cool.  To put it in drinkers’ terms, each batch yields around 10 gallons, or 4 cases of beer, so we’re talking small batches here.

For Rebel IPA, our goal was to capture everything we love about West Coast style IPAs in a beer that isn’t going to knock you out with bitterness. It was really brewed for maximum hop aroma and flavor. After tasting more combinations of Pacific Northwest hops than you can imagine, we ended up with 5 of our favorites in the winning recipe. Each adds something unique to the brew:

Cascade: Citrus and grapefruit flavor with subtle floral balance

Simcoe®: Grapefruit peel and pine notes

Centennial: Citrus flavor with clean resinous notes

Chinook: American pine character with slight spice notes

Amarillo®: Orange, grapefruit and notes of tangerine and some sweetness

At 45 IBUs, Rebel IPA won’t scrape your tongue with bitterness. But at 6.5% ABV and with big citrus, grapefruit, and pine notes, there’s no mistaking this is a West Coast style IPA.

Rebel IPA is available on draft nationwide and will be available in bottles (6 and 12 packs) starting this week. Check out our Find a Sam page to find Rebel IPA near you.

We want to know what you think about this brew. Give us your feedback on our Facebook page or send a Tweet using the hashtag #RebelIPA!

  • Philo

    If its as GOOD as everything else you , It will be a big hit!!!

  • John Oberle

    I like beer that taste like beer and that means a wide variety of taste.
    Please don`t make something that tastes like flowers like one of your competitors do.
    That`s a big turn off when beer taste like the stuff you spray in a bathroom to make it smell better. Floral is bathroom spray.

  • Iohn Oberle

    I love Samuel Adams BTW.

  • JaeYoung Hur


  • Brian

    Just tried Rebel IPA is now my favorite replacing Lattitude 48

  • manofredearth

    Meh. Sam Adams goes out of their way to identify this as a west coast IPA, and calls it “Rebel” but doesn’t use Rebel hops, from the west coast, in the beverage. I think I’ll stick with authentic west coast IPAs rather than settling for something that’s “like” a west coast IPA. Rogue Brutal, Good Life Descender, Hop Valley Alphadelic, and Ninkasi Maiden the Shade are all great brews, so who needs one that’s advertised as an imitation (West Coast “style” IPA)?

  • Don

    Just tried your Rebel IPA today, I think you have a winner there.

  • Lydia

    Very tasty! Not overwhemlingly bitter. I love the clean, crisp taste.

  • Greg

    Other than Sams Brick Red, this is the BEST I have so far.

  • Naftaturbo

    Don’t know if this is a good thing, but…
    I normally do NOT like IPAs. My son, who lives in Boston, insisted my wife get me a 6-pack of Rebel as soon as it was available here in Los Angeles.
    Tried my first one yesterday (my excuse: it was 80 degrees in mid-February).
    I really like this beer!!! Now when Najas Place has their annual IPA festival I can join in with my buddies and drink Rebel.

  • Mac

    I love this beer, definitely one of my favorite beers. If not my favorite of all time! The only thing is I always wake up in the morning with a headache.

  • Rhonda M

    I enjoy the Rebel IPA but I LOVE the Whitewater IPA! Sam Adams is one of my Fav’s!

  • Joel

    Awesome to have an IPA without too much bitterness!! Hope this stays a year round offering! Great easy drinking beer with great aroma and flavor!!

  • PaulF

    I also just tried Rebel IPA, and I will buy more. I still prefer Latitude 48 though.
    I was also a little puzzled by the name Rebel, which makes me think of the South, not west coast. But what is a name anyway.

  • Julian Cosimi

    Hey Y’all – Nice work! Another great Sam Adams beer…love it!!

  • Jason Purdin

    I BREW the Best I.P.A. (so i thought) please do not stop production of this beer the best ive had .Nothin beats your original . I’m really fond of this Rebel!,Though,, Another award comin Sam!

  • Jason Purdin

    By the way cant find it on the shelf after last week someones buying my beer!!!!

  • Mary Huska

    How can I find out which Chicago locations are serving Rebel IPA and supporting the Rebel with a Cause…in Chicago Kristy-Luurs Munch is the rebel who will be the beneficiary of this awesome fundraiser that Sam Adams does each year. She’s my daughter in law and has suffered a massive stroke after the birth of her first child 5 months ago and has a very long road of recovery ahead of her. If anyone knows what Chicago pub locations are supporting this…or how this works I’d love to know as I’d like to get the word out to family and friends so we can support and drink up your wonderful Rebel IPA!!!. Thanks Sam Adams for doing this!!!!!!!