Brewlywed Ale: The Perfect Brew to Say “I do”

We know beer is the centerpiece of a great wedding. In fact, beer has been an essential component of weddings for centuries. The medieval word “ale” is actually rooted in the word “bridal,” which refers to a festive occasion where much ale is drunk in celebration. We hold this tradition near and dear; in fact, Jim brewed the first batch of Samuel Adams Noble Pils for his daughter’s wedding day. 

Mark your calendars for July 26th for your chance to enjoy a specialty brew as you say “I do!” We’re inviting all brides, grooms, couples, recently engaged and recently married (or anyone looking for a unique, beyond-the-registry gift) to line up to get a bottle of Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale, a limited release Belgian-style pale golden ale.  A distinct and complex brew, Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale offers layers of flavor including fruit and honeysuckle notes from the Belgian yeast, sweetness from malt and citrus character from hops. With only 350 cases brewed, this beer will be available for one day only, July 26th, at our Boston brewery.

Throughout the morning we’ll also have wedding experts on hand to provide beer pairing suggestions for wedding menus, expert advice and answers to wedding questions from, a toast from Jim and the chance to have Samuel Adams foot the tab* for your rehearsal dinner. For the most die-hard of beer fans, it could also be your actual “big day” – a justice of the peace will be available to perform ceremonies on the spot (all you’ll need is a legit wedding license**).  This would be a first for us… just saying.

WHERE: Samuel Adams Brewery | 30 Germania Street (Jamaica Plain neighborhood) | Boston, MA 02130

WHEN: Thursday, July 26 2012, 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 

  • 7:00AM: Line up at the brewery. The first 20 people to arrive in bridal attire will be moved to the front of the line, ensuring a bottle from the 50 bottles signed by Jim Koch.
  • 9:00AM: Brewery doors open and Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale is for sale while supplies last.
  • 9:00AM-1:00PM: Wedding menu beer pairing suggestions from Samuel Adams brewers and local food businesses; raffle to have Samuel Adams pick up your rehearsal dinner tab*; wedding photo booth; expert advice and answers to wedding questions from, the #1 wedding website and more.
  • 1:00PM: Last call. Doors close at 1 p.m.

We asked our friend Carley Roney, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of The, what she thought about the marrying of beer and weddings.  She told us that brides and grooms today are more daring than they’ve ever been when it comes to giving beer a seat at the wedding table. She even suggested that couples say goodbye to the standard wine and cocktails and incorporate craft beer bars, beer tasting stations and beer and food pairings into their big day. We couldn’t agree more!

Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale Details

  • Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale will be packaged in decorated 750mL, cork-finished bottles; and available for $14.99 per bottle, or purchased by the case of 12 (maximum of 2 cases per purchase).
  • At 8% ABV, Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale is a distinct and complex brew that offers layers of flavor including fruit and honeysuckle notes from the Belgian yeast, sweetness from malt and citrus character from hops.We recommend serving this beer at a temperature of 40-45° and enjoying it before your one-year anniversary.
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  • Follow our live Brewlywed at the Brewery tweets @SamuelAdamsBeer #Brewlywed


* Up to $1,000

**A wedding license can be obtained in any Massachusetts City or Town Hall. There is a three (3) day waiting period after application before couples can pick up the license; it is valid for 60 days after it is picked up. A license must be present in order to be married.

For the Love of beer, we hope to see you there!

  • Stephanie Grigely

    On a thursday, when most of us are working?? boooo!

    • Samuel Adams

      But it’s for the love of beer! :)

    • Scott B

      Agreed Stephanie, would love to get my hands on this for my own wedding. But with two weeks off for a honey mooon, doubt my employer will understand a “It’s for the love of beer” excuse. weak.

  • Nicole F.

    Can we purchase this online or at a store? I agree during the morning on a Thursday not too great for those of us that work.

    • Samuel Adams

      Unfortunately it’s only available at the brewery for one day only. Do you have a friend or family member in the area?

  • Fpkjr

    Never having visited where does one park?
    The entrance is on corner of Brookside & Germania St ?

    • Samuel Adams

      That is correct, Fpkjr! We have limited parking in the parking lot, and street parking in the area.

  • Anne

    I hope second marriages count?
    I have the same questions as Fpkjr any help would be appreciated!

    • Samuel Adams

      All marriages count Anne!

  • Colleen

    Where can I buy Brewlywed Ale? I have a few weddings coming up and it would be a really cute idea!

    • Samuel Adams

      You have to come to the brewery on Thursday to get it, Colleen!

  • Emily Lemiska

    This is adorable but also super depressing for the 90% of us who work 9-5 :( can we get a re-do on a weekend?? :)

  • Jondspain

    I love beer and sam adams and I’m getting married in April, but unfortunately I live out of the Boston area and am working that day. I do plan on visiting for my bachelor party in March though

    • Samuel Adams

      Have a friend/family member in the area pick you up a bottle!

  • Donna Roskopf

    Wish my family could make it! My dtr is getting married on Sat. 28th. The bride and groom would love this!!! They are showcasing samuel adams brewery at their reception along with other breweries! We are all big Samuel Adams lovers!! They had labels for each beer they are giving out that say: I Do Brew!

  • THM55


  • Scott Dunham

    We were just at Sam Adams on 07/18/12, Great Tour!, I would love to get abottle or two of the Brewleywed Ale. But this will be our 26th Wedding Anniverary, I’m am sorry we will have to miss this brew! If there is anyway if could be shipped….that would be great!

    • Samuel Adams

      Do you have friends/family in the area who could snag you a bottle, Scott?

  • Gayle

    We also have a wedding July 28th and this would be a perfect brew for a toast! We will be serving local micro brews.I would definitely order if I could.

  • Barry Krugliak

    This is the most ridiculous promotional item ever. So your telling me that I can only get this Beer in a city that I don’t live in, on a day that I’m working? I’d really like to order this beer to toast with my wife on our 1 year anniversary in November.

    • Samuel Adams

      Do you have a friend in the Boston-area who can help you out, Barry?

  • Allison

    Sounds delicious! What a great concept and a fun way to introduce the limited brew. Cheers!

  • LMO1970

    yes definately should have opportunity to buy some if we are working. I am getting married next year and would love to get ahold of some for reception.

  • Hmcpacheco

    For the love of beer…check out Craigslist for resales. Lots of beer companies do special beers that you can only try on preemies. At 11 today, there was hardly a line and beer still left. Could have gone there over Lunch and picked up a case or two!

  • Rlgruchow

    After years of drinking Sam Adams, the regular Boston Lager, I have reached a conclusion. As a citizen of Wisconsin, the risk of being victimized by mosquitos is significant. However, the number of bites I have endured in recent years, is in the single digits. Often those I am with choose to go indoors due to agressive mosquitos. While in their company, I never have a similar experience. The conclusion, Sam Adams Boston Lager provides effective repellant protection from Mosquitos.

  • Derek

    I purchased your whitewater IPA today. I found it a bit bombastic in the initial casscade hops. I may have the variety wrong, but I am used to a more layered quality such as white hawk. I enjoy stone “RUINATION” which is also bombastic, but offers a more clean finish than this IPA. I do appreciate the bitters but I must offer this constructive critisism to your Bremeister. Derek