Brewlywed Ale Day!

The day is here! The one-day special release of Brewlywed Ale! Be sure to check back all day for updates from all the days events!

10:53 a.m. EDT – Are we near the end? Still roughly 40-50 people in-line to get Brewlywed Ale! 







10:01 a.m. EDT – Our second marriage of the day! Can you get a better marriage location then a hop garden at a brewery? 







9:32 a.m. EDT – This great couple felt today would be a great day to get married… and why not have Jim act as their witness! Cheers to many years of happiness! 


9:03 a.m. EDT – The first purchases of Brewlywed Ale! These people were at the brewery around 4:00 a.m. this morning! 







8:54 a.m. EDT – Jim in the hop garden outside of the brewery to toast the hundreds who have lined up to grab a bottle of Brewlywed Ale! Bonus points for those who are now standing out in the rain!







8:38 a.m. EDT – The calm before the storm. A look inside the Brewlywed Ale tasting room!







7:44 a.m. EDT – We’re wrapping around the building with roughly 100-110 people in-line! 







6:53 a.m. EDT – The first Brewlywed Ale folks are lining up! First people in-line were here around 5:00 a.m.! Wow! 

Nothing says "For the love of beer" like getting up before sunset!

  • Gman02124

    Any brewlywed ale left for sale?