Supporting Our BostonStrong Community

SAM_BAA_Marathon_Banner_skyline[2]The Boston Marathon has been a cherished tradition in our hometown for more than 100 years. It is a unique athletic event. There is no winning or losing team. It is open to athletes from all countries, backgrounds genders and beliefs. Hundreds of thousands of greater Bostonians line the race route to cheer for the commitment and stamina of all the runners. It is also a celebration of the city of Boston, personal achievement and communal philanthropy.

Samuel Adams is a proud sponsor of the Boston Marathon.  The race is a part of what it means to be a Bostonian and the holiday, Patriot’s Day, is a uniquely Massachusetts holiday which holds special meaning for us as Americans, Massachusetts residents, brewers of Samuel Adams and me personally.  Patriot’s Day commemorates the beginning of the American Revolution led by Samuel Adams our namesake, a defender of liberty and revolutionary leader.  It was also on this holiday in 1985 that I first delivered Samuel Adams to bars throughout Boston from my station wagon.  I have always thought of Patriots Day as our holiday here at The Boston Beer Company.

Last week, however, we witnessed a series of tragic events and loss of human life. We were heartbroken by the human tragedies that unfolded throughout the week.  Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims and families of those affected by Monday’s tragedy and during the pursuit and capture of two suspects Thursday and Friday. On Marathon Monday, nearly 70 of our Boston Beer team joined the ranks as runners and worked at events along the race course, and we are grateful that everyone from our team made it home safe and sound.  Late on Friday, we raised a pint in thanks to all the first responders, medical staff, law enforcement officers and other agencies for the incredible teamwork displayed throughout the week. We all felt safer because of their efforts and the capture of the second suspect.  It was a little over a mile from my house.  My family and I slept well that night because of their efforts.

Now it’s time to heal and rebuild.

We feel a responsibility to help victims and support recovery efforts in our hometown.  A day after the race, we announced that we will donate all profits from our limited release beer, Boston 26.2 Brew, brewed specially for the 2013 Boston Marathon and served at bars and restaurants along the race course and in Boston.  We will also be contributing the donations we receive from visitors to our Boston Brewery for the month of April.

SA and Greg HillThose donations will go to The Greg Hill Foundation, which was established in June of 2010 with the purpose of responding to the immediate needs of local families that have been touched by tragedy. Greg and the Foundation are focused on helping the victims of the Marathon tragedy and have already provided financial support to nine families, who lost loved ones last week and to several other victims who are in the hospital.  100% of all donations from the Foundation go to help those in need. The restaurant and bar community have also joined with the Foundation, with more than 75 bars and restaurants contributing a portion of their profits from sales last week. I am proud to serve these small businesses as our customers and proud of how our industry has reacted to the needs of our community.

We’ve also heard from a number of friends from around the country, and from as far away as Japan – bar and restaurant owners, wholesalers and other brewers – who are holding fundraisers and providing donations to The Greg Hill Foundation, and ultimately the victims and their families.

Be sure to check back below as we’ll be providing a list of fundraising events around the country so that our drinkers who want to participate in their areas can do so.

To everyone who is sending their generous support and kind words, we thank you.




Boston, MA:

MJ O’Conner’s (27 Columbus Ave., Boston) is hosting a fundraising event on Thursday (4/22) for the 100 Club, which provides financial support to families of fallen heroes in Massachusetts. For more information and tickets, click here.

Houston, TX

The Railyard will be running a fundraiser between now and May 28th with the proceeds going to Greg Hill Foundation. They will also be matching the amount they raise.

Lakewood, OH
Join World of Beer in Lakewood on Saturday, May 18th as we takeover 13 taps with a portion of every Samuel Adams purchased going towards the Greg Hill Foundation.

Boston, New York City, Miami:

5 Napkin Burger in Boston are donating a portion of proceeds from Boston 26.2 Brew sales to the ONE fund. At their other 5 locations in NYC & Miami they are donating proceeds from Boston Lager sales.

Chicago, IL:

Tap House Grill (5 Chicagoland stores) is promoting Sam Adams Lager drafts for $2 on Thurs (4/26/2013). $1 from each draft sold will go to the Greg Hill Foundation.

West Chester, PA:

Landmark Americana will be hosting Samuel Adams for a tap takeover on Friday (4/26) and will be accepting donations for The Greg Hill Foundation during the takeover.

La Grange, IL:

LaGrange shoe store The Runners Soul hosted a solidarity run for Boston on Monday (4/22) and ended up at Palmer Place where $1.17 pints of Samuel Adams Boston Lager and Summer Ale were served to show support for the 117th Boston Marathon.

Beltsville, MD:

Old Line Wine & Spirits Bistro is hosting a special Samuel Adams beer dinner on May 2 with proceeds going to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Menu and ticket information can be found here.

Palatine, IL:

Durtie Nellies will be hosting a charity fundraising event on May 2 featuring Samuel Adams products and a variety of raffle items.

Columbia, SC:

Liberty Tap Room will be donating a portion of the proceeds from a special beer dinner to the Greg Hill Foundation. Call The Liberty Tap Room ((803) 461-4677) for more details and reserve your spot.

Durham, NC:

Tyler’s Restaurant and Taproom (Durham location) is hosting a fundraising event on May 16 that will include a Pint Night featuring Boston Lager with a special menu with food and beer pairings with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Greg Hill Foundation.

  • Robby Cleveland

    It was truly a horrific tragedy and my heart goes out to those who lost their lives, we’re injured, and the loved ones who were affected by these actions. Unfortunately these terrible events seem to be happening far too often than they used to and it’s scary to think about what’s next. I commend the Boston brewery on their efforts and the things they are doing to help in the healing process. I will be on the hunt for the new Sam Adams 26.2, not only for the great taste of Sam Adams beer, but more importantly to offer my contribution to the cause. Thank you very much for all you do! Cheers!

    • Sam Adams Editorial Team

      Thank you for the kind words, Robby.

  • Marleen Doran

    What a wonderful company you are. Boston is a city that stands strong just like Samuel Adams does.

    • Sam Adams Editorial Team

      Thank you!

  • tiffany russ

    You should make a patriots day brew and serve it all year round with the profits going to victims. I know it would be huge in Boston, but I feel like americans across the country and worldwide would like to see it too. Thank you.

  • Jeremy

    This is why I’m proud to drink Sam Adams! Thank you!

    • Sam Adams Editorial Team

      Cheers Jeremy!

  • Chris Garrett

    My wife, myself and our 8 year old son visited your brewery just one week before that tragic day while in town visiting from Central New York. We toured the Back Bay neighbordhood and enjoyed the hospitality of all the fine citizens of Boston. We sat in silence for several hours watching the news that following Monday night, stunned by knowing we were there not long before and may have shared words with any of those affected.

    I am glad to hear that our donations we made on April 8th will be going to help those families in pain. We are all honored even more this evening to raise a glass of Boston Lager in support of your brewery and the noble and charitable employees that make up the ranks of the Sam Adams team.

    Thanks again.. and we’ll see you next time we’re in town…

  • Stacy Belliveau

    Any chance you’ll bottle some? So we can bring it home….being outside of the Boston area?

    • Sam Adams Editorial Team

      No plans at this time Stacy. You’ll have to head to a bar or restaurant in the Greater Boston area that is pouring it on draft.

  • John

    I think you guys should extend production of the marathon brew as a tribute

  • jay

    Thanks to you and Greg Hill for all that you’ve done! Kudos for helping bring folks together to help remind people what matters! Proud to be surrounded by such excellent stand-up fellow citizens of this fine state.

  • Emily

    Would love to support more through your efforts. Boston 26.2 would sell very well country-wide. Wish I could try it!

  • Michael gonzalez

    I’m from New York but I love Boston and Sam Adams I think you should print Boston 26.2 Brew t-shirts I would love to donate and wear proudly

  • Michael

    Will you be selling the 2013 26.2 glasses?

    • Sam Adams Editorial Team

      We’re exploring a few options on how to utilize any leftover glassware to help raise money for those affected. Stay tuned!

  • Rob Goss

    Thank you for posting the Old Line Wine and Spirits event! I’m proud to be able to do this event with Sam Adams and even more proud of my fellow Bostonians! BOSTON STRONG!

  • Norman Schimmel

    If you cannot distribute the beer nation wide because of Laws , etc. , print the t-shirt please – money to the same cause.

    Norman Schimmel – Sarasota , Florida

  • Jon Bottoms – Buffalo, NY

    Sam 26.2 saved me! I was on Boylston @ Hereford watching friends finish the race. After they passed, we were walking towards the finish area to meet up but stopped into Whiskey’s to have a Sam 26.2 when the explosions went off. If we had not, we would have been right in the heart of it. I never did get to drink that pint, as we fled in the chaos. A limited re-release would be fantastic! Perhaps a Boston Strong bottle?

  • Valerie Farnham

    My family and I went to supper last night at Texas Road House. Was wonderful they were doing a promotion for Boston Strong. We bought raffle tickets noticed there was a Sam Adams cooler. Awesome. If we should not win where can one be purchased? By the way LOVE THE BEER. MY husbands favorite is Noble Pills. Mine is the original. Thank You Val

  • Alan Davis

    Bring on MORE Hopology…Hop lovers are starving for great hoppy beers.

  • Michael

    Any updates to the 2013 Marathon Mug being released for sale?