Beers, Beards, & Baseball

Lager BaseballThe mayors of Boston and St. Louis might not have a wager going for the championship series, but we definitely do. The gloves are coming off with our fellow craft brewer Schlafly Beer in St. Louis!

The wager: Jim Koch is so confident that our hometown team will win the series that he is betting two cases of his favorite Boston Lager and a lobster dinner against Dan Kopman’s Schlafly Pale Ale and a dinner from Pappy’s BBQ ribs. To sweeten the pot, the losing city will have to send one of their brewers to the winning city to help brew a victory beer.

Here’s what Jim had to say about the bet : “Here in Boston, we are lucky to be home to some of the best sports teams in the country. The Boston Red Sox are the epitome of passion and true American tradition. I look forward to seeing the team bring home the World Series trophy once again – and then toasting with a Boston Lager. May the best team win!”

And here’s what Dan had to say: “St Louis is the home of the best fans in baseball and the best beers in the US.  I look forward to our 12th World Series victory  and then visiting my good friend Jim and toasting with a Schlafly Pale Ale.  May the best team win!”

Cheers to beers, beards, and baseball!

  • tim williford

    I’m from Missouri. Go cards. But both are great brewers. Actually my 2 favorite brew makers in the world.

  • Sgt Lahr

    Love the wager, my 2 favorite brewers, but I have to say Mr. Koch I do hope you have to come to my hometown and celebrate with us after the Cards take the series. Keep brewing great beers gentlemen, good luck, may the best team win.

  • matt Meehan

    Wicked Awesome

  • John grady

    You might want to lose just to get Pappy’s! At least that is the excuse you can use to feel better. 12 in 13 Cardinals Nation!

  • Spence Thompson

    enjoy those ribs

  • Jonathan Drew

    I think i will toast the Red Sox World Series win with a wonderfully crafted Samuel Adams beer!!!

  • Bill Watson

    It’s going to be a great series.

  • Royce Draughn

    I’m a big Sam Adams beer fan. one of our raido stations WIL 92.3 is bragging that the formula for Sam Adams oiginated in St. Louis they also have a wager with one of your local raido stations. I may be a Yankee fan rooting for ST. Louis but love Sam Adams

  • Greg Rowley

    I think this is a win-win situation either way!

  • David Julian

    Go Red Sox!!! Go Samuel Adams!!!

  • David Grace

    Go Sox, cheers!

  • Dan Kenney

    Now THAT…is America and representative of the best qualities of true sports fans and healthy rivalries. Good luck to both Jim and Dan and their teams!

  • Bob Schindler

    No matter who wins, should be a fun series. Whoever is shipping beer, be sure to drop a couple cases off to us baseball and beer fans in Cincinnati.

  • Jez (@jezthemez)

    I’m calling the Cardinals in 4 games. Sorry you have to travel to St. Louis, Boston Brewer guy!

  • http://Facebook Paul Duphily

    Will be drinking Sam Adams Boston Lager while watching every game of this wicked awesome series. GO SOX!

  • Carolyn Sassak

    Love the wager! Nothing wrong with healthy competition. GO SOX!!!