Raising a Pint to Beer Bloggers

Before you get the wrong idea, this post is not a fluff piece pandering to bloggers in hopes of securing a few positive pieces for Sam Adams. Variety is the spice of life and we know people have a wide variety of opinions on many of our beers and craft beer in general. The community of beer bloggers helps keep the beer industry healthy and dynamic.  While we’re always happy to read a positive review, we respect the not so nice reviews and the downright negative ones as well. Honest feedback is the only way to get better at one’s craft and brewers are no different. We take feedback and review however we can get it… beer forums, blog posts and even check-in applications such as Pintley and Untappd. Of course the feedback we receive in a face to face conversation is always the best as it gives us a chance to really dive into the positives (or negatives) of a person’s thoughts of a beer we’ve created.

This brings me to the Beer Bloggers Conference I attended in Indianapolis a few weeks ago. Talk about a passionate group of people who love beer! While my visit was short due to family obligations back in Boston, I had a great time chatting with many of the bloggers in attendance. I loved feeding off their energy as we discussed their favorite beer style, the first Sam Adams they’d ever had, and what homebrew might have been aging back home. I was asked the tough questions too, like if we were ever going to can our beer (Jim’s said that day will come someday, I just don’t know when) and when I expected Jim to “retire” (I can’t envision that day, let alone speculate on when it would happen!)

One of my biggest takeaways from chatting with different bloggers was that drinkers today are more engaged than they were ten years ago when I started. As brewers have become more experimental in what they brew, the drinker has embraced the variety that craft brewing can provide. While I won’t pretend to be the second coming of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, I’d guess the rise of social media has helped seed the growth in engagement. And as the U.S. craft beer industry continues to rise, we’ll likely see the engagement and discussion for craft beer rise as well!

I also enjoyed (as I have many times before) listening to Garrett Oliver’s, brewmaster from Brooklyn Brewery, key note address before we headed off to dinner. Garret spoke about the changes he had seen over the years being in the industry and how brewers are like artists – we all listen to the feedback but at the end of the day we create the masterpieces we want to create.  I’ll raise a glass to that! While there is always a time and place to come together and collaborate on a great beer, I agree that at the end of the day you have to brew the styles and use the ingredients you’re passionate about.

Enough blogging… time to get back to the brewery! Thank you to everyone who came up to say hello and introduce yourself. Maybe one day the conference will come to Boston so we can have you stop by the brewery for a beer!

Until then…Cheers!

  • Kevin Dunn

    After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than one of life’s simple pleasures; a slice of pizza at Johnny’s and a couple Sam Adams Summer Ale drafts. Thanks for what you guys do.

  • Charles Kazer

    I Love Your Beer Been Selling Sam for30 years At The Clif Tavern In Clifton New Jersey from Kohler Dist!! Your Seasonal beers run Out Before Season is Over! Summer Brew Is out Now Aug 7th? My customers Complain So am I!!! P/S I Never Get Any perks from You!! Still Isupport Your GREAT Products. Charles (SKIP) Kazer

  • Joe Caron

    Yesterday I went to my local liquor store to by some Sam Summer before the summer ended. I wanted to be sure I had enough to last until Labor Day because you stop selling it by then. The store clerck said that they had not had Sam Summer for 2 weeks. Yesterday was August 11th, so you stopped selling Sam Summer in July! What gives?

  • Dgaska

    Dave Gaska,
    Was I disappointed ! Went and picked up a veriety 12 pack, cherry beer ruined my day. real men dont fruit their drinks. Man law !!!!!!

  • Vector16

    I just love most of you beers, even the ones that turned out to be not so great tasting, it was a good experience. You quality and workmanship comes through with batch. I recently have came down with a condition that will not allow me to consume the amount of alcohol that one beer contains in a sitting. my doctor has said that non-alcoholic beer is fine for me to have in moderation but would be concerned if i had more than .5% alcohol at a time. I absolutly love the taste of beer and have had to resort Old Milwaukii N.A. and O’Douls and that sort of brew. Would it be possible for Samual Adams to come out with a non-alcholic brew that myself and so many others I have come to know could enjoy?

  • blueayes

    I really enjoy the White Christmas ale. I also enjoyed the Black and Brew Coffee Stout last year. My suggestion is to include it again with the Winter Classics variety pack and remove Boston Lager since the latter is available anytime, anywhere.

  • NKoon

    I would really like to know why you don’t produce the Chocolate Bock or the Porter by themselves…these are two of your best brews and I really don’t like having to wait a whole year to buy them…and then in a combo box with only two bottles each…you guys want to sell brew or just screw around???????????