Bar Hop-ping

We recently did a little experiment to see what people knew about beer and its ingredients. This is what we found…


  • James

    Do you have anyone distributing your beers in the Philippines

  • Echmam3

    PLEASE pull your ads on rush limbaugh, he is mean and sick in so many ways, not cool and smooth like Sam Adams! We are a proud family of SA imbibers, but will look for a new line of beverages if you continue to support this jerk!!!

  • Scott B.

    Thank you for dropping your advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show. Human filth like him does not deserve any support, and that greatly improves my personal image of your company.

  • Jeffalexander1

    I heard black lager has been discontinued. Very diaappointed. Would like to see Bonfire sold year round.

  • Kmemdm

    I have discovered the mighty oak beer. I got it in a sample pack at Sams club but cant find it locally. Any suggestion.