When Beer (Labels) Meets Arts & Crafts

Over the years we have seen some pretty cool images from Sam fans that demonstrates their love of beer in a variety of ways. 

Who Loves OctoberFest? This guy.

Trick or Treat... or just plain awesome?







How many of these styles have you had?








On Wednesday we clicked over to our Facebook page to find this utterly AMAZING piece of artwork done by Sam fan Sean Carney:

Look closely. You'll see this portrait was created with different Sam Adams labels!

Sean included a few “in the works” pictures which you can find further down. Sean says he soaked the bottles to help peel the labels off, divided them into different color piles and began constructing. He even points out that the cardboard used for the barrels were from our 6-pack carriers! Talk about being thorough in your craft!

Needless to say, Jim was blown away by the final product and surprised to see that so many beer bottle labels could make him look so good. To show his thanks, Jim shot this short video:


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More pictures from Sean:

A sketch and many labels.









Early in the progress.







Starting to come together.