A Collective Brew with Inspiration BY You

As brewers, we each have different things that inspire us, but I think the process is the same for most.  Jim even touched on it in a recent interview with NECN.  We think about different aspects of a great beer, we envision what it would taste like, and then we make it happen.

There are a few other things I know to be true.

First, drinking beer is social and brewing beer is social.  Whether I’m at work or out with friends, I’m always talking about the qualities of beer I like best (and the ones I don’t) no matter where I am, what I’m tasting or who I’m with.

Second, everyone’s tastes and beer preferences are different. I like the intense hop flavor in Noble Pils, Jim’s favorite is a perfectly-balanced Boston Lager, others like our strong, smoky scotch ale, Wee Heavy. It’s OK to have a favorite style.  We’ll agree to disagree.

Third, inspiration can come from anywhere.  The notion of crowd sourcing ideas is inherently social and a very cool aspect of the vibrant tech community.

While we’ve collaborated with homebrewers as part of the Longshot program and asked our drinkers to help decide between two brews as part of our Beer Lover’s Choice program, we’d never given the chance for everyone to weigh in on a brew from the outset.  So we got to thinking.  Why not partner with a great innovator in social media and develop a great beer for an awesome event?  And that’s how we came up with the first ever Samuel Adams Crowd Craft Project, to create a beer crafted by you, for you… and it’s pretty cool.

Drawing off some Kosmic Mother Funk®

We recruited our friend and social media enthusiast, Guy Kawasaki, to help us gather fans’ ideas. Guy introduced me to the idea of “crowd-sourcing” or gathering ideas from a global community through an open call for collective cooperation.  I quickly realized that Guy has the same passion, expertise and creativity for social media that we have for beer.

With Guy’s help, we created an app on our Facebook page that lets beer lovers weigh in on the color, clarity, body and flavor of the crowd-sourced beer.   We want to know whether you want a light amber ale or a heavy black ale? Should it be heavily hopped with an intense citrusy hop variety or have a smooth finish with a chocolate and caramel flavor spectrum? The options are endless and I’m curious to know what our fans will want us to brew for them.

Stay tuned, because both Guy and I will be tweeting real-time updates on our innovative community project. Then on February 5, we will tally everyone’s feedback and develop a final recipe so we can start brewing. Our crowd-sourced beer will debut on March 10th in Austin, TX at the Guy+Girl party as well as at our Boston Brewery.

I love the fact that we get to experiment here at work and want you to be a part of that same fun. When we brew a new batch of beer, I feel an overwhelming excitement that I am a part of an amazing, creative process. I’m hoping that even though we don’t have coveralls for everyone, you feel the same excitement knowing that you helped craft a Samuel Adams beer.

  • Jluberski14004

    Can anyone tell me if we will ever see White Ale again? That was one of the best brews and it has not been available for two years now?

    • http://www.samueladams.com/ Samuel Adams

      We never say never to comebacks!

  • Kyle

    I created a Red Ale, but then I also wanted to creat a Black Ale too. I think I need to brew my own. This is a great idea and I can’t wait to taste the results.

  • Lg924

    I receive your enewsletter, and you have these great recipes. But you don’t have a print button for them nor listed on your website. Please add a print button for the recipes.

    • http://www.samueladams.com/ Samuel Adams

      Solid feedback Lg924, thank you for sharing! We’ll look into it as we’re putting together the February newsletter.

  • Paul Hubert

    I have tried to contact your company and no one has responded yet, I guess you don’t
    respond to complaints.My Name is Paul Hubert my phone number is 978-828-0688

  • Mzabel

    I want Noble Pils no more Alpine Spring. Bring it back!

    • http://www.samueladams.com/ Samuel Adams

      Noble Pils will return to year-round status starting in early March. Cheers!

      • Jim in Chicago

        Thank You!!! I have really been missing Nobel Pils!!!!

      • Erw973

        Where is the Noble Pilsner already. C’mon guys. Any release date?

  • BCROX5

    I had a Sam Light last night. It was bad. The bartender mentioned that everyone who orders it says the same thing. As an investor and an enthusiast, PLEASE STOP SELLING THAT PRODUCT. It is a brand destroyer.

  • C Bass

    Noble Pils is now a year round package & White Ale is available in a variety pack

  • Arichards45

    I opened a Winters classic 12 pack 2 nights ago and went to grab a bottle and cut my hand on a broken bottle of Chocolate Bock. The bottle was broke in two and had a hefty amount of mold growing. I took pictures of my hand and the bottle. The next night I reached over to grab a bottle of Sam Adam’s by the bottle cap and cut my hand again. Upon close examination there was a small piece of glass inbedded in the cap. The beer was fine when opened. But cutting cut TWICE was not fun.I never had this problem before with any brew. How can one bottle exactly in the middle of the 12 pack break in half and leave a piece on the side of a bottle cap of another bottle?

  • Don Lafond

    I have recently purchase sams boston lager and sam’s light and have cracked the bottles neck trying to remove the cap only?

  • BEN

    The Sam Adams commercials are very convencing and I want to like Sam Adams beer, but I have tried Sam Adams beers several times and every one was skunky smelling and tasted awful.

  • Martin McShane

    Hey yall! I was wondering if beer should be served in a cold glass or a warm glass? I work a Noodles & company, and we serve bolted beer there. Should we serve the beer in cold glasses or room temp. glasses? Please let me know at MartinJMcShane@gmail.com Thank you!

  • Microbrew-Mike

    I’m caffeine sensitive and can’t sleep if I have some the afternoon and beyond. Do Black & Brew and Chocolate Bock have caffeine in them?